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Ear cleaning is an important part of your puppy care routine in order to prevent otitis
dog ears, dog ear cleaning, otitis in dogs

The importance of caring for ear hygiene

Just like walks, grooming and deworming, ear cleaning is a routine that should not be skipped for any reason. The Australian Cobberdog has droopy ears and long hair, two characteristics that do not favour proper ear ventilation. These conditions can cause changes in our dog's ears, causing infections and otitis, very uncomfortable conditions for our puppy that can cause pain and become chronic if we do not take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

dog ears, dog ear cleaning, otitis in dogs

What is otitis?

Canine otitis is the inflammation of the ear and can manifest itself externally, with swelling in the ear canal, or internally, by affecting the eardrum area. The causes are varied, as it can be produced by foreign bodies introduced into the ear of our pet, by parasites lodged in the ear, allergies, infections or bacteria. Moreover, external factors such as humidity and high temperatures favour the onset of this condition. If your dog has otitis, you must go to the vet.

dog ears, dog ear cleaning, otitis in dogs

How do I know if my dog has otitis?

  • A strong smell can be detected from the ear.
  • The dog tilts its head to the side of the affected ear.
  • The dog tries to scratch its ear continuously.
  • The dog cries in pain when touched in that area.
  • Pus, earwax, and/or a yellow, brown, or black substance is secreted when wiping the ear.
  • The skin of the ear is irritated and has a rash.
  • A lack of response to commands can be observed.

Clean ears every 7-10 days to prevent otitis

To prevent otitis, the most important thing is to periodically clean your puppy’s ears. Do this no more than every 7-10 days as it could irritate the dog’s ear, and no longer as this could cause otitis. Although it can be irritating for your dog, ear hygiene is completely painless, and as your dog gets used to the routine, it will accept the treatment better.

Ear cleaning requires an ear cleaning solution and gauze:

  1. Place the tip of the ear cleaning solution into your pet's ear.
  2. Gently squeeze the bottle to introduce the solution into the ear canal. 
  3. Massage the area for a couple of minutes to allow the solution to thoroughly enter the dog’s ear canal.
  4. Let your dog shake off the excess liquid (make sure time has elapsed before allowing this).
  5. Place the gauze into the front of the ear canal and clean the area. At first, the gauze will be somewhat dirty, you must continue to clean until the gauze comes out clean and dry.
  6. You must also clean the outer part of the ear with the gauze (paying particular attention to the ear folds).
Never use wet wipes to clean the ears instead of gauze as moisture is the enemy of healthy ears.

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