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The pen dog is a delimited area that allows us to have a safe place for our puppy
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The importance of having a gated area for the puppy

When our Australian Cobberdog joins the family, it is the ideal time to use the pen dog. We must use it especially in its learning phase (up to approximately eight months). With the pen dog, we will prevent our puppy from learning to do things that she should not do and that can be harmful to their health and dangerous to their safety. It will also become the puppy's resting area.

The pen dog 
is used when we cannot keep our attention on the puppy, for example when we are cooking, when we are sleeping or when we leave the house, among other situations. The gated area will always provide security and tranquillity. It is not advisable to leave our puppy free throughout the house without any supervision. Puppies are very curious and tend to know the world around them with their mouth. You can eat or bite anything and without careful supervision we cannot guarantee absolute security if they roam around freely in our home. In this sense, the crate's functions is that of a baby pen dog.

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The pen dog as a resting area


The gated area allows us and the puppy to relax. It will become their resting area, that is, a place that should not be disturbed under any circumstances and that we must respect. We cannot allow children to hit bars, throw objects from outside, or call or provoke them without the dog being able to get out. The is a place of intimacy for the dog, and the puppy must feel safe and protected within it in order to rest, play, relieve herself, or eat without a constant threat of being startled.


puppy inside his room

The gated area for good behaviour


On the other hand, the crate is of great importance for the education of the puppy. For the dog, precedents are very important in his learning when creating patterns. If the unsupervised puppy does something it shouldn't, it is very likely that it will create a pattern and will repeat an action we don't want them to. Eliminating a pattern in a dog is a complicated task, so we must try to avoid bad precedents. This is achieved by supervising the puppy whenever it is loose at home, preventing it from doing what it should not, and leaving it in the crate when we can not be attentive to what it does.

How to use the gated area

Now that we know that the pen dog is a defined area for our puppy, we have to know how to use it and how to promote its use efficiently and effectively.

  • When sleeping: Our puppy will sleep in his bed, which will always be in the pen dog. There is his relaxation and resting area
  • When left alone: If our puppy is going to be left alone at home, he will always stay in the pen dog. This way we will prevent him from roaming around the house and, above all, that roaming can damage, eat or swallow materials that may be harmful to his health.
  • When we are at home and they have to rest: It is important that when we are at home we also put the puppy in his crate after spending time with him to rest (the puppies need a lot of sleep). This way, he will associate it as something positive, normal and routine. If we only leave the puppy in the crate when we leave him alone, he will relate the crate to something negative. The crate is like his home, his environment of security and tranquillity, he should never relate it to something negative. Therefore, we will never leave our puppy in the crate as a method of punishment.

  • When we are at home and cannot pay attention: At that moment the puppy may not need to rest but we cannot be with him and leave him in the pen dog. In these cases, it is important that the dog has nibbling toys in his area and directs his energy towards them.

As we have said, the gated area must be a place that the puppy associates as something positive. Having special toys reserved for times they need in such area, or offering a special treat when we put it in the crate are usually very effective ways for the crate to become one of their favourite places.

What is the best gated area for your puppy

The pen dogs with metal panels are the most resistant, they are easy to clean and they allow us to adopt the shape and size of the delimited area to our liking and the needs of our puppy. The materials and things that should always be inside our puppy's pen dog are:

Their bed

It is recommended that the bed can be washed in the washing machine and done weekly.

Area for their physiological needs

The best thing is to have a tray for soakers on which we will spray urination attractant. This attracts puppies to go to the bathroom and to learn to do it in the right place. Ideally, this area should be as far as possible from the bed, their water, and food, to avoid any confusion.

Feeder and drinker

The puppy will always eat inside the pen dog to associate the pen dog with a very positive encouragement. The food will be removed after fifteen minutes, as a general rule. The water, which we will always leave available inside the gated area.


For them not to get bored and  be distracted. The most appropriate material for toys is rubber, as it can be biten and protects the puppy's sensitive teeth. However, cloth or wooden toys are inadvisable because they break easily and if our puppy swallows them (because he does not have our supervision to prevent it), he can have serious digestive problems. Also, if they bite into a fabric or wood toy, they might associate the fabric with something they are allowed to bite into and it would not be unusual to later try to bite the sofa or any other piece of furniture. We should also try to offer quality dog ​​toys that are very difficult to break to avoid choking without our supervision. Cheap can turn out to be very expensive.

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