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A puppy crying can mean many things and it is a way of expressing what it feels
Очень грустная собака

The importance of adjusting to the new home with its new family

When your Australian Cobberdog puppy is crying, it can be for various reasons. They may cry from thirst, hunger, discomfort, anxiety, insecurity, fear ... Although at first, it is most likely that they simply need to adjust to their new home. In fact, during their adaptation, puppies can suffer stress that is expressed in the form of anxiety, diarrhea, lack of appetite, low defenses, or insomnia. This is why it is very important to get our puppy used to the new typical smells and noises that are in our home, to the people in our closest social circles, and to other dogs.

Basic needs

Taking into account that the first days it is normal for the puppy to cry because it is adapting, we must always know its basic needs in order to meet them and rule out reasons that make it cry:

      • Our puppy should eat his food in portions appropriate to his age and size.
      • They must always have clean and fresh water.
      • It must exercise and go out on several walks in a day.
      • They need to play with their family and favorite toys (the ideal material for toys is rubber).

Resting area

The puppy must have his moments of rest and trust that no one will startle him, otherwise, this can make him cry. Their bed must be inside their pen dog, the limited area. In that area, the puppy has to feel protected, safe, and comfortable. For this, we need the puppy to associate the pen dog as something positive. This is achieved by feeding him in the same area, offering him exclusive toys that he will not have anywhere else, giving him prizes when we leave him there and above all, not scaring or provoking him from the outside. When they are in the rest area, we must guarantee moments of peace. If they associate the pen dog in a positive way, they will feel secure and relaxed in the pen dog and in their bed.

When they are left alone

It may also be that our Australian Cobberdog cries when we leave him home alone. Many dogs suffer from separation stress. There are dogs that adapt well and get used to our schedules, but there are other dogs that, depending on how we act, will never adapt and will cry when we leave home. To avoid this behavior, it is very important not to pay any attention to our puppy for ten or fifteen minutes before leaving. Also, when we get home we will not pay attention to it until our puppy has calmed down. It doesn't matter if five or thirty minutes have passed, we have to wait for him to calm down. In this way we will promote a calm behaviour that will be rewarded with our attention.

Veterinarian issues

If our puppy has his needs covered, his cry may be due to some type of discomfort. The stress caused by changing the environment and adapting to the new home and its routines can cause diarrhea or lower defenses of its immune system, so our puppy could be crying due to discomfort or unhappiness caused by this change of situation. If you think they might be in pain, do not hesitate to contact your vet.


When they cry for attention

Your puppy may be crying to get your attention. Addressing these types of demands is totally discouraged because it would teach them that crying has a positive effect and they will learn to cry every time they want something. To avoid this behavior, we have to know what to do when they are crying and, above all, what not to do.


What to do when a puppy cries for attention

If they are crying, we can say "no" in a different tone of voice than usual, but never aggressively. We can also tell them to be quiet, with a standard "shush". If we want the puppy to stop crying and we say "no" or "shush" them, it must never go with their name, as it will associate their name to something negative. We must always use her name positively to reward, pamper, play with them, etc.


What not to do if the puppy is crying for attention

What we should never do when the puppy is crying is pet it, cuddle it, try to make them calm down with a softer tone of voice, or pick it up. This will cause the puppy to relate its crying to cuddles and attention, which will cause the puppy to learn to demand attention by crying. We should always wait for them to calm down before offering any positive encouragement.

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