Why Australian Cobberdogs are Hypoallergenic

The breed par excellence that does not shed and does not produce dandruff

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About 10% of the world population is allergic to dogs. At the same time, 14% of abandoned dogs are due to allergic problems. At DOGKING we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the love of a dog, just as every dog ​​deserves to know what it is to have a home. Hence our commitment to make Australian Cobberdogs known, a hypoallergenic breed that has even connected with people whose immune systems are more sensitive to canines. However, what is it that makes this possible?

Intervention technician making a child smile with an Australian Cobberdog.

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Allergy to dogs: what is it due to?

Although it is commonly thought that allergies to dogs are caused by their hair, it is because the allergic person has developed a hypersensitivity to a protein found in dander, excoriations on the dog's skin, produced by the sebaceous glands and the salivaThese particles are impregnated wherever our dog passes, staying in the air, objects, or even on people's skin or clothing. Hence, even though a dog is not in the same place as us, we can have allergy symptoms if it has been present before. This effect is aggravated when the dog licks itself, since the amount of the allergen will be greater in its coat. In addition, if it is a dog that sheds its hair frequently or loses it frequently, there will be a greater chance that someone who is sensitized will suffer an outbreak. Not only because it will be leaving hairs with the potentially allergic protein in its wake, but because the shedding will give rise to scales that contain that same substance.

The Australian Cobberdog and its hypoallergenic power

That this breed serves as a therapy and assistance dog, even for the most delicate people, already gives us a clue to the effect that these adorable canines have. And it is that, for all dogs intended to help people in need, it is vitally important not to give patients allergies, being Australian Cobberdogs, among all breeds worldwide, those with the least indications of allergic reactions. In fact, the very development of the breed was intended to allow a dog to psychologically assist and help people without any impediment, both on the outside by being hypoallergenic and on the inside by having a balanced and docile temperament. But why this low incidence rate? Or, in other words, why are Australian Cobberdogs hypoallergenic?

The main reason is that the coat of these dogs does not shed or lose hair and (except for some unusual dermatological problem that specifies otherwise) does not present dandruff either.. This promotes that the protein that in most dogs would remain impregnated in their hair and dermal scales, in the case of the Australian Cobberdog does not spread and, therefore, does not cause allergic symptoms. In turn, the percentage of people who have been allergic to the saliva of these canines is still very low. And it is that, since not all people are the same, they will not respond the same to certain factors, and there is no dog that is universally hypoallergenic as a consequence. But what is clear is that Australian Cobberdogs have helped many people, families, and patients to enjoy the company of a dog. A company that until then they thought impossible due to their allergic condition.

Breed as hypoallergenic guarantee

The Australian Cobberdog standard is based on two pillars: temperament suitable for being a therapy and assistance dog and having a hypoallergenic coat that does not shed. All this with the purpose of preserving the essence, excellence and authenticity of the breed, so that the Australian Cobberdog is and continues to be the balanced and healthy dog ​​that we know today, and can continue to help thousands of people. 

En DOGKING, nos encargamos de cuidar y preservar la secuencia del ADN de la raza siguiendo los estándares de la MDBA es por este motivo que la raza la utilizamos para el fin que está seleccionada para la terapia, realizando la misma en hospitales y asociaciones de personas con necesidades especiales.

Our therapy dogs attending one of the sessions.