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The Australian Cobberdog is the dog for people who have allergies to dogs

The Australian Cobberdog has a coat that doesn't shed or change, and it doesn't lose hair or produce dandruff, so it doesn't dirty the home or spread allergenic agents when walking by. 
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No dog can be universally hypoallergenic, as allergies differ among different people, and because they are due to a variety of factors and sensitivities that also change. However, we can guarantee that out of the different breeds of dogs, the Australian Cobberdog has an incidence of allergic reaction that is almost null in people with dog allergies. If you suffer from an allergy to dogs, we encourage you to come meet our Australian Cobberdogs to see for yourself if petting and being with them produces an allergic reaction. If you live far away, don't worry. We can send you our ALLERGY TEST T-SHIRT by mail to prove in less than 30 minutes whether or not you are allergic to your future Australian Cobberdog.
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We say that the Australian Cobberdog is hypoallergenic because it doesn’t shed, it’s fur doesn’t fall, or produce dandruff or chafing (unless it is suffering from a dermatological problem). Furthermore, its saliva produces an allergic reaction in a very small percentage of people. In fact, the breed was developed to be a hypoallergenic dog with a suitable temperament to act as a therapy or assistance dog. This is why, for the majority of the population, the Australian Cobberdog is Allergy Friendly.
All the parents of our Australian Cobberdog puppies are medically certified to be hypoallergenic dogs LEARN HOW AUSTRALIAN COBBERDOG PUPPIES ARE BRED
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Allergy to dogs

An allergy is an exaggerated or hypersensitive reaction of the body's immune system when exposed to an allergen. Contrary to popular belief, dog hair is not the main cause of dog allergy. People suffer from dog allergies because they have developed a hypersensitivity to a protein produced by the dog's sebaceous glands, found in its saliva, dandruff and chafing skin. 

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The allergy cycle

The protein that provokes the allergy is secreted by the sebaceous glands and sticks to hair and skin surfaces. In addition to this, the protein is found in the saliva, and when a dog licks itself for cleaning, its tongue deposits this protein on its coat and skin. When the hair falls or is renewed, these allergenic particles are left behind wherever the dog passes. This is why dog hair is believed to provoke allergy, when in reality, it is the particles that stick to it.
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Dogs that renew their fur continuously give off microscopic flakes that contain the protein. With this flaking or chafing, little allergenic particles are released into the air and float around in the atmosphere. At the same time, renewal of the fur or the falling of hair produces more chafing of the skin. This means that a dog that loses or sheds its fur will also produce more chafing, which in turn results in more allergies

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