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Training The Perfect Team: Technician + Therapy Dog


Everything you need to conduct animal-assisted interventions: training + therapy dog + practical learning

Our training programme for animal-assisted intervention technicians is a comprehensive project that includes theoretical training, selecting and training a therapy dog for the student, and real practical learning in animal-assisted interventions. The student will acquire the theoretical knowledge, and then begin practical training with an Australian Cobberdog, selected and trained specifically for him or her. This way, the student can conduct animal-assisted interventions with an Australian Cobberdog therapy dog that is completely trained, beginning on the very first day.

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The therapy dog

While the student acquires theoretical knowledge, our animal-assisted intervention technicians take care of selecting and training an Australian Cobberdog to be their future therapy dog. This dog will have learned all the skills the student needs to carry out their intervention work. Once the student has learned the theory, practical learning begins with the therapy dog learning how to position it, for it to follow commands, to understand what the dog needs, and everything necessary to have a good working relationship between the technician + therapy dog team.

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Practical learning

Once the therapy dog and the technician have a good connection, they begin working, along with the teacher, on practical learning with real animal-assisted interventions with people with special needs. Once the student has learned the dynamic of the interventions and has mastered them, they pass the course, and can conduct their own interventions with their Australian Cobberdog therapy dog. At this point, the teacher can monitor the student's interventions to answer questions that may arise, and give advice when working during sessions.


Professionals who are already working in their field with people with special needs, and who think that adding a dog could benefits the users with whom they work.
People with health degrees, in social or education work, who wish for further knowledge and experiences with animal-assisted interventions and their benefits.
People in an environment with people with special needs, where animal-assisted interventions could be an added benefit.
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TRAINING THE PERFECT TEAM: Technician + Therapy dog

1. Selecting an Australian Cobberdog as a future therapy dog

Depending on the characteristics of the users the future therapy technician is going to work with, we select one of our Australian Cobberdogs with the size, colour and optimum aptitudes for the student.

2. Therapy dog training

The Australian Cobberdog selected is trained in obedience and the skills it will need during interventions with its future technician.

3. Face-to-face technician and therapy dog bonding

When the student has completed theoretical training, they meet their therapy dog and the technician is taught to learn how to work with their dog and understand its needs as a therapy dog.

4. Tutored practical learning with real dog-assisted interventions

The student and their therapy dog start getting familiar with dog-assisted interventions, participating in our sessions in a real-life way, tutored by their teacher.

5. Monitoring technician interventions and their dog

The dog-assisted intervention technician is now authorised to work as such. The teacher will monitor their interventions to answer any questions that may arise with their specific users.


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