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Australian Cobberdogs, bred to help and make people happy

All our puppies grow up in a relaxed environment where they are treated with a great respect and love. Starting when they are very small, they are socialized to develop their capacities as future therapy dogs or good family dogs.
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We have created our own Australian Cobberdog breeding programme to keep full control over the process, and to guarantee that the puppies grow up in the best conditions to develop their capacities as future therapy dogs, assistance dogs or dogs for families. This breeding programme is based on encouraging the characteristics that define this breed, conceived to carry out therapy and assistance: a hypoallergenic dog with an even temperament peaceful and friendly.
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The parents of our puppies are hypoallergenic Australian Cobberdogs that work at our centre carrying out assisted therapies. The crosses we make are determined by our firsthand knowledge of the great capacity of the parents to carry out their work as a therapy dog, with the intention that their puppies inherit their even temperament, and intelligence and don't provoke allergies. Furthermore, they are healthy dogs with veterinarian certificates to guarantee they are free of any genetic problems, such as displasia and eye defects. They also have a certificate to guarantee that they are hypoallergenic dogs. The parents of our puppies live with familes, thanks to our DOGKING Homes programme, and regularly come to our centre to carry out therapies and have their veterinarian check-ups.
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When one of our Australian Cobberdogs gets pregnant, our care multiplies. The food is changed to adapt to the new nutritional needs that must be met, and a controlled exercise programme is begun to ensure a successful birth, given that good muscle tone helps when the puppies are being born. Veterinarian check-ups increase, and periodic ultrasounds and X-rays are conducted. A few days before the birth, the mother is placed in the maternity area of our centre, where she will give birth naturally and intimately, attended to by our vet who makes sure that all goes as expected. The maternity area is a fully conditioned and calm space with a strict access protocol to ensure maximum sterilization: all members of the team must change their attire and use new footwear to work in this area.
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Once the Australian Cobberdog puppies are born, the first thing we do is make sure that they begin feeding from the mother and that there are no problems with her milk. The first few days require much intensive attention, and every few hours we make sure that they are feeding and evacuating their stools appropriately. The weight of each puppy is controlled, and their diet is supplemented with a bottle if we see that this is necessary. The mothers have their own maternity rooms with access to the outdoors, and several times a day are permitted to go out and get some exercise while we look after the litter which stays in the room. This is because the puppies cannot go outside until they have had all their vaccinations. We also take advantage of this to start socializing the puppies with human contact.

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Our Australian Cobberdog puppies grow up with their mother, brothers and sisters in the maternity area until they have been weaned. Starting with their first days, we accustom them to human contact to teach them to trust in people, and we progressively socialize them with different sounds, textures, atmospheres... Our dog-assisted intervention technicians are responsable for performing periodical evaluations to analyze their progress and evaluate their capabilities. This is how we perform tests that help us complete a file on each puppy to become aware of their energy level, their initiative to follow orders, or their capacity to allow themselves be handled, in addition to other aspects. This way, we are able to find the most adequate family for their personality, or the most suitable centre to train them as therapy dogs or assistance dogs.
An Australian Cobberdog is a dog with a quality guarantee AVAILABLE AUSTRALIAN COBBERDOG PUPPIES
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Socializacion is a learning stage that lasts throughout the dog's puppy phase. It consists of the puppy's gradual exposure to new situations which it learns to overcome satisfactorily, thus adopting an attitide  of confidence, moving away from fear or aggression in order to develop mental mechanisms to resolve similar situations for the rest of its life. Socialization is considered to be successful if the puppy learns to be on different surfaces, in different places and with different noises, people and other animals, without showing insecurity.


Our Australian Cobberdog puppies start socialization when they are born. At first, a special atmosphere of tranquility and intimacy with their mother is created for them, to which different stimuli are progressively added. We have a socialization programme which they participate in until they go with their family or centre, where they will be trained as therapy dogs or assistance dogs.

From 0 to 3 weeks
This is the period when the puppy begins to develop its smell and vision and we start to accustom it to human presence, letting them smell us, talking to them and bottle-feeding them.
From 3 to 6 weeks
This is the moment when we become more present in the life of the puppy, petting and cuddling it and letting it experience daily stimuli from the home, such as radio, television, doorbells, the noise of pots and pans, etc.

From 6 to 9 weeks
This is when the puppy can begin to meet other members of the team, apart from the heads of maternity. It is also when it begins to make small, controlled excursions outdoors.
From 9 to 12 weeks
We intensify the noises that the puppy perceives, and we begin to train it with the use of a leash. It is introduced to other dogs.
From 12 to 15 weeks
It is exposed to new experiences, such as being transported by car, new textures to walk on, we gently start to teach it commands, etc.

From 15 weeks onwards
We continue to progressively increase obedience, exposure to other animals and mental challenges, while we positively reinforce everything it has learned.

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