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Home > FAQs > What care does an Australian Cobberdog require?

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More than anything, the Australian Cobberdog requires a lot of love and affection from its family

The Australian Cobberdog is a low-maintenance dog that requires no major care.
However, it has a great need for affection and truly enjoys going for walks and spending time with the family.
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When the family receives its Australian Cobberdog puppy, it has to understand that the puppy may feel somewhat confused. The trip to its new home and the separation from its brothers and sisters can provoke a certain amount of apathy in the puppy. This is normal. It is a very important change, and we should respect its adaptation to the new environment. To allow this, we should offer the puppy a calm space where it can rest as much as needed without being bothered by anyone. It is important not to expect it to be playful (especially for children) and that we treat it gently, transmitting a sense of security and trust in these first moments where everything is new.
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The Australian Cobberdog can wear its hair long, giving it a majestic look and making it enjoyable to the touch. If we brush our Australian Cobberdog every one or two days, we will spend less time trying to get rid of knots and tangles. In addition to that, we recommend visiting the dog groomer every 30-45 days to keep their hair hydrated and shiny. We don't recommend shaving the Australian Cobberdog, as their hair will prevent sun burns in summer and the cold in winter.
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The Australian Cobberdog is a very strong dog, because it is a relatively recent breed and it carries a very wide genetic variety. This means there is a low incidence of genetic problems, since they tend to take place when specimens with similar genes are crossed. The weak point of the Australian Cobberdog are its ears. Special effort must be made to maintain ear hygiene as their floppy ears and hair make them prone to infections caused by a lack of transpiration. Additionally, special care must also be given during the puppy stage when, due to its rapid growth, it will require certain supplements to fortify its joints and should avoid brusk movements, such as big falls, and routine walks on slippery surfaces.
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One of the most important elements of care for the Australian Cobberdog is to have its need for affection met by the family. A sensitive and very sociable dog, it always tries to please the family, and thus needs to spend time with the family. The Australian Cobberdog is a well-balanced dog, but it is energetic, something very necessary for the carrying out of those tasks related to assistance or therapy. This is why walks and game are important routines in its day-to-day to allow it to maintain its balance. This also serves to develop the bond between dog and family. This breed is very intelligent and will quickly learn the tricks we want to teach it, if it has been trained with positive reinforcement and motivated with affection and rewards.


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