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Home > FAQs > How much does an Australian Cobberdog cost?

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Buying an Australian Cobberdog is no easy task if what you want is a pure breed dog with stable genetics,
especially designed to live with a family and carry out therapy and assistance activities like the ones we have at DOGKING.
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What is the price of an Australian Cobberdog?

The prices between two dogs of the same breed, but from different breeders, can be very different, even though the needs of both dogs are exactly the same. What is it that makes one Australian Cobberdog  more expensive than another? Mainly, it's the care that a breeder provides its Australian Cobberdogs. There are those who dedicate much effort to the care of their Australian Cobberdogs, with a well-studied breeding programme and strict veterinarian protocols. But there are those who only look to do business and aim to benefit themselves to the detriment of the dogs, cutting back on everything that would guarantee a good quality of life, just to reduce costs. Unfortunately, there are many people who don't have the respect for dogs that they should, and they risk the health and integrity of their dogs by minimizing basic conditions for breeding and delivery. Finding a market for this reaffirms the way they do things, and perpetuates the questionable ethical conditions for their dogs. At DOGKING, we treat our dogs with great respect, and this means that we provide them with all the care they need to guarantee their well-being.

At DOGKING, we cannot compare ourselves to other breeders because, quite simply, we aren't. We are a comprehensive canine centre specialized in therapy and assistance dogs, and we have a breeding programme focused on obtaining exellent dogs we can use to for therapeutic interventions. We have completely different procedures and know-how, and this is what makes our Australian Cobberdogs unique


Our breeding programme, loyal to the objectives of the Australian Cobberdog breed
The objective of our breeding programme is that our Australian Cobberdog puppies are hypoallergenic and have the optimum temperament to be good therapy dogs or assistance dogs. This means that they are magnificent dogs for families. This was the original objective of the breed, and we maintain it with rigorous selection of the parents of our puppies. 

The parents of the puppies are therapy dogs
The parents of our Australian Cobberdog puppies are our therapy dogs that work with us, carrying out interventions every week. We know their good personality and their value as therapy dogs perfectly well. Furthermore, they are certified to be hypoallergenic and free of genetic defects, and they have their Australian pedigree issued by the MDBA as Australian Cobberdogs. This is why the puppies inherit unequalled genetics and temperament.

At the end of the pregnancy and while the mother is nursing the Australian Cobberdog puppies, the mother is with us in a restful area and park where all of her needs are met. We also have a special area for when it is time to give birth, and a restful place for the puppies to grow in before they receive the vaccinations necessary to go outdoors. This space consists of several square metres to guarantee that the dogs are well-attended to. You can learn more here about how we breed our Australian Cobberdog puppies.

A stressfree environment
It has been proven that dogs that live without stress and have regular exercise have fewer problems during pregnancy and their litters are healthier. This is why we make sure that the parents of our puppies are active Australian Cobberdogs, their mating is not forced, the mothers must be allowed to rest after giving birth and the puppies grow up in a calm environment. 

Veterinary protocols
As we are an comprehensive canince centre, our staff includes a permanent team of vets. This is fundamental in order to carry out the fertility tests on the mothers, sperm quality control on the fathers, pregnancy check-ups and controls and assistance at the time of birth, as well as the follow-up care for the puppies to administer medication, vaccinations, feeding supplements, etc...

 24 Hour Care
When a mother is about to give birth, our caregivers give 24-hour attention until the moment arrives, which is usually during the night. Once the Australian Cobberdog puppies are born, they also need continuous care to guarantee that they are feeding and that no other problems arise. This is why our professional caregivers take shifts and spend the night with the mother and her puppies.

Deliveries and puppies, especially when they are newborn, generate a great mess that must be continuously cleaned to avoid infections in such vulnerable dogs. Apart from this, the rest zones, for both the parents and the older puppies, must also be disinfected regularly on a daily basis. Our team of cleaners are responsible for seeing to this task. 

Socialization Programme
Australian Cobberdog puppies need to discover the world on a continual basis in order to confidently confront all the new situations that arise, and to prepare for their possible future as therapy or assistance dogs. This is what socialization consists of, and in order for it to be carried out properly, protocols must be put into practice to guarantee that the puppies are engaged in healthy and effective learning, all without developing fears or phobias. Learn more about socialization here. 

Age of delivery
None of our puppies are delivered to their new home before the age of 9 weeks, even though many breeders will deliver puppies before- some as early as 15 days in order to reduce veterinarian and feeding costs. However, the most suitable time to wean and separate a puppy from its mother and brothers and sisters is at 9 weeks. Otherwise, the dog will not be able to socialize with its own species and may have behavioural problems as an adult. Furthermore, early weaning off the mother's milk can make the immunological system more vulnerable. This is why our Australian Cobberdogs are raised with their mothers and brothers and sisters until the recommended age.

Vaccinations and Deparasitation
Our Australian Cobberdogs are vaccinated and dewormed to ensure their health and physical well-being. The vaccination and deparasitation protocol that we follow is registered in the Veterinarian booklet that we provide upon delivery when a puppy has been acquired. 

By law, a dog delivered to a family or to a dog-assisted intervention technician must be sterilized. This measure is to avoid unwanted pregnancies, overpopulation and possible health and behavioural problems that may occur when an unsterilized dog is abandoned. We strive to ensure responsible breeding and we deliver our puppies sterilized.

Microchip identification
All our dogs are identified by a chip so the owner can find them if lost or abandoned. This is one more measure we take to ensure responsible breeding.

Consultation Programme for families
We care deeply about knowing the families where our Australian Cobberdog will go to live, and we ensure that they are responsible and know how to look after it. This is why we provide guidelines for the family that help make living together a good experience ,and we offer a consultation service to help answer any question that may arise. Here you can learn more about our committment to the puppies.

Contract and Documents
We always sign a contract whereby conditions are established and specific clauses guarantee that the dog will never be left in the street should the family not be able to look after it and, we can request the return of the Australian Cobberdog to our centre if it is not being properly cared for by the family. In addition, we deliver the puppy with its Australian pedigree, health certificate from the Veterinarian College of Barcelona and veterinarian booklet. 


We breed our puppies under the highest quality criteria and with daily attention from our vets. The price of our Australian Cobberdog is from € 3.790.- taxes and transport not included.
Being aware of the difference in our Australian Cobberdog breeding programme in comparison to other breeders, we encourage you to contact us if you are interested in buying an Australian Cobberdog You can write or call us at +34 93 590 93 97 and we will give you a quote and answer any questions you may have about the Australian Cobberdog. 

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