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Puppies should socialise in hygiene routines for health and to get used to the care they should receive as an adult

Learn about the maintenance of an Australian Cobberdog puppy

The Australian Cobberdog should always have his emotional needs covered with his family. It is a very sociable and sensitive dog that is always aware of its humans. The more time we spend with them, the happier they are. In this sense, hygiene routines can become a pleasant time to dedicate to our dog while helping us to keep his coat healthy and free of knots. Making their hygiene routine a pampering session and full attention to the puppy is something that will strengthen our bond with the dog and fill our Australian Cobberdog with satisfaction.

The video that explains step by step what the maintenance at home of the Australian Cobberdog puppy is like

cleaning a puppy's ears

Why maintenance while they are puppies is important

The maintenance of any dog is very important to maintain its good health and an adequate level of hygiene, but in the case of puppies it is essential for these reasons:

  • Socialisation: The puppy must socialise with hygiene routines so that he gets used to them and sees them as something positive, in this way when he is an adult and his maintenance is more intense and necessary because of his long hair, it will not be a problem.
  • Relationship: The hygiene maintenance process is one of the key pieces when forging a good bond between the dog and his new family. Caring for him is a sign of love that the puppy perceives that we fully dedicate ourselves to him and he appreciates it.
  • Health: Hygiene is very important because puppies are more vulnerable than an adult dog and good maintenance will avoid the risk of infection.
  • Hygiene for the family: On the other hand, we will keep the dog clean and free of bacteria so that children and adults can play with it and pet it without any risk.
Cleaning a puppy's eyes

A puppy's socialisation with hygiene routines

It is important to keep in mind that the maintenance routines of our puppy involve putting him in contact with a new world that he is completely unaware of: cleaning products, a comb, a brush, etc. Progressively, we have to show the puppy what contact with these products is like. A correct socialization of our puppy will involve many facilities in the future to maintain good hygiene and good care as an adult. For a perfect socialization, the ideal is to do maintenance every day during your puppy stage. This way they will get used to the manipulation that the hygiene routine implies and they will learn to enjoy it.

When we talk about manipulation we mean that they touch his ears, we have contact with all parts of his body (even those that are unpleasant for the dog to touch), that we change his position, etc. There are many adult dogs that when they were puppies have not had this socialisation and the lack of habit makes them very difficult dogs when carrying out their hygiene routines since they move, growl, or try to escape at all costs. This is why getting used to these routines is so important.

What hygiene routine for your puppy Australian Cobberdog is like

Puppy with dog grooming products

Items needed

Eye cleansing product, metallic brush for brushing, wide-tooth brush (to be inserted before the metal comb when the puppy's hair starts to get longer and begins to be introduced the maintenance routines of the adult Australian Cobberdog).

Once we have all the material, we will ensure that we are both in a comfortable position to do the maintenance that, being a puppy, will be on the ground to avoid the risk of falling.

The cleaning of the eyes is recommended to be done in the morning, when the puppy has more dirt, although it can be done several times a day every time we see waste. For this, we will use the eye cleansing product. We will spread a small amount in a gauze with which we will proceed to cleaning. We will clean from the tear to the outside. It is important to clean each eye with a different gauze that is new and clean, in case one of the eyes has an infection that does not pass to the other eye.

To finish with the complete maintenance of the puppy, we will do a brushing on all parts of its body. We will do it with the metal comb when the puppy's hair is still very short and does not knot. When our puppy's hair begins to grow we must introduce the wide-toothed wooden comb and then the metallic comb. This process is best explained in the maintenance of the adult Australian Cobberdog.

After maintenance, the reward
During maintenance, we must be patient and allow our puppy to be curious about the products. Once we're done, we can reward him by petting and playing with him or by giving him some edible reward. In this way, you will associate this activity as something positive and it will be easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

How to treat a puppy

Puppies are very active and curious. At their youngest age, it is very important to be patient and understanding with them. For the maintenance of the puppy it is advisable to do it on the floor and on a comfortable surface, if we do it on a high surface we run the risk of it falling due to its activity and curiosity.

Maintenance must be a game between us and the puppy to be associated as something positive, good and necessary. All the steps we have to carry out during maintenance must be carried out with very gentle gestures and with patience, to make our dog feel in a comfortable and increasingly pleasant environment for him. Likewise, we must be clear that the routine must be carried out, and there will be times when we must be firmer to allow us to move forward. Giving him rewards as we progress in the routine, after a step that costs him more, is a good way to associate hygiene with something positive.


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